Couch Crew

Seeking Judy x Couch Crew

Seeking Judy presents 'Couch Crew' for a pre lock down set. Stick it on and have a bop. Try to remember the warm and sweaty embrace of a stranger on a dance floor, the gulp of a glass of communal water left at the bottom of the bar, and the random chit chat or drag of the ends of a strangers rollie in the smoking room. You'd miss is sorely and we want to help you remember the filthy good times. Press play and transport yourself to simpler times. 

Video by our dear friend and very talented collaborator Aaron Lally.


About 'Couch Crew'

Stemming from the fabled land of Dundalk, Couch are a collective comprised of Hyyken, Decksta, Krev & Laurence Kapinga 4 DJs with years of experience who joined forces in August 2017 to form Couch.
Following their countless successful self-promoted club nights in Dundalk they became members of the Ibiza Club News Artist Academy, which features 40 DJs and producers from every corner of the globe. They’ve spent the last 18 months playing sets at festivals including Solstice Festival, Fuinneamh Festival, The AVA Castle Party and Absolute Deep’s Enter The Coven 2 & 3, as well as having played in some of the biggest clubs in Europe such as Eden & Hush in Ibiza and in Cosmic Ballroom in Newcastle and have supported artist's such as Mella Dee & Paul Woolford.
They’ve continued to run a string of successful nights in Wah Wah Club in Dublin and a debut show in Room 2 of 39/40, as well as a headline sets in Der Kesselraum, Galway & Button Factory in Dublin. At a Couch set you can expect anything from soulful house, to old school UK Garage, Breakbeat, UK Funky and more as these 4 bring you a smorgasbord of music portrayed in a way not regularly seen on the Emerald Isle.


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